Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 3rd is Here

The July 4th weekend holds a special place in my heart. My very first weekend as a loft dweller in Downtown Lynn was on July 4th weekend in 2006. I remember heading up to the roof to check it out and this was before I thought anyone else lived in the building. I was wrong, I was greeted on the roof by the only other resident at the time from the 2nd floor.

I kept going up all weekend to see the crazy people of Lynn trying to light their faces on fire with the most incredible backyard fireworks displays. It's a sight to see. Union Hospital must be a pretty busy place this weekend.  July 3rd weekend is also host to the wonderful and legal fireworks display down at the beach. It's a quick walk down Washington Street Ext or Nahant Street to the beach wall and pretty much anywhere along the wall is a good spot to view the fireworks. The closer you get to Red Rock the thicker the crowd. We've watched from pretty close to the Nahant rotary in years past and it's been great.

Throughout the weekend there are lots of block parties and in the Downtown area usually there are one or two loft parties.  So make sure you get out and meet your neighbors this weekend and let the readers know in the comments if anything else fun is going on this weekend that we should know about.

Happy 4th!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

World Music Folk Festival Moved to Sunday the 26th

Due to the forecast of thunderstorms and showers this Saturday (more rain!), they are postponing the World Folk Festival to Sunday, June 26 from 12 to 8.  

The festival will be at the Heritage State Park on the waterfront of Lynn - parking is available at 200 Lynnway next to the park.   They are featuring music from a variety of bands, dancing, and food will be sold from local vendors - including Fernandos and the new Paradise on Summer Street, Haitian, Cambodian and Greek food.

Bring a chair and enjoy the festival. I went last year. The music was great.


Sorry - No Vacancies???

Want to live in Downtown Lynn? Tough! There are no available condos. I've said this before on the blog and have been shot down. I'm right. I might be being a bit dramatic. There is some smaller stuff and some larger units on Exchange Street that we're not interested, but all in all, there is nothing! This is a good problem, but it's still a problem!

A few days ago, my wife and I got fed up with the size of our loft, so we went to our real estate agent, the incomparable, Soraya Cacici of Nest Forward. Soraya recently put three people into condos in Downtown Lynn. I think she's so good at this that she's filled all the vacancies. Everything interesting for purchase is currently under agreement.

So I ask, where are we at with 14 Central? I'm hearing rumors it's not going to be residential anymore or only pieces of it are going to be. WHY WHY WHY????  EDIC recently began due diligence on a property to possibly build out as artist live/work space. Good for artists, not going to do me any good or the next me that comes to live downtown.

We need more inventory. Time for the next MV24 style development. Corner of Andrew and Central would be ideal. Takeover of some the buildings on Munroe would be awesome as well. Where are the investors? Are you watching?

I'm not buying the excuse that there's no market for condos anymore. There are two couples looking to move in and can't right now. I'm sure there are others that look and find nothing and move on that I never hear about. I'm also not buying the price excuse. The prices 5 years ago when we all bought were inflated. Period. That's true everywhere. We were operating with a broken model. They are corrected now, priced right, and selling. Develop accordingly, but for god's sake, DEVELOP!

I'm back and just spouting off as usual. Tell me I'm nuts in the comments below.

Walnut CD Release Concert on Saturday June 25, 2011 - LynnArts Black Box

I had the joy of meeting Walnut-Da Lyrical Geni for the first time a few months ago. He's such a genuinely nice guy who is looking to bring us all together in such unique ways. Every once in a while we all get invited over to his place for Open Houses that go from 2 in the afternoon to 2 in the morning. I haven't been able to attend one of these yet, but I look forward to the next one. This CD Release party seems to be a logical expression of his collaborative spirit. Several names you know and some you may not will appear on stage with him on the 25th. Definitely check this out.

Walnut CD Release Party
Saturday, June 25m 6PM
The Neal Rantoul Black Box Theater
25 Exchange Street, Lynn Ma 01901
Tickets: $8 Advance/$12 Door 

-------- Press Release from the Walnut peeps ---------------------- 

Walnut celebrates the release of his highly anticipated album, Love Is In Your Face Saturday, June 25 at LynnArts’ Rantoul Black Box Theater with special guests singer/songwriter Gretchen Elise, poets Elizabeth McKim, D-Mo, and K-Unit, gospel singer Doreen Murray, and eight-year-old Hip Hop artist MC D, DJ Radio Scotvoid, and hosted by storyteller Tony Toledo. Love is in your face the follow-up to Walnut’s debut album, Once Tha Shell Broken, and has been three years in the making.

The album reflects Walnut’s growing involvement in the arts scene on the North Shore. “I’ve learned a lot and had some good experiences with more people,” says Walnut. “That’s how I work, observing others, seeing what’s going on in life around me. I have more guests on this album, people from different genres, but it’s still a Hip Hop album.” This album represents the various facets of Hip Hop Culture.

Walnut has performed in a lot of suburban areas and found people unfamiliar with the history and purpose of Hip Hop music. He made it part of his mission to make Love exemplify the best in the genre to help people understand, including the guest musicians. “People in suburban areas didn’t really have a true understanding of Hip Hop,” he says. “It gave me a reason to express myself, it helped me help others. It’s a culture, that’s what people miss. What better way to have them understand the culture than to have them be part of the culture.”  

The title track of the album, Love Is In Your Face is especially significant to Walnut and his personal and musical philosophy. “It’s a song that shows, despite what you’re going through in life, no matter how purposely detached from it you have made yourself or afraid you are to embrace it, someone always loves you,” he says. He also added, “It shows the different ways love affects your life. We often idolized people for their popularity status and material prosperity not realizing that true love could be looking you right in the face.”

Walnut has been writing since he was seven years old, starting with short stories, and first graced the stage at 12, when he performed a Smurf-related Hip Hop tune for his sixth-grade talent show. He released his first album, Once Tha Show’s Broken on February 12, 2006, his daughter’s 19th birthday. As a teenager, his singing group, The Ultimate First Choice, opened for New Kids On the Block at the Joseph Lee School in Dorchester. You can see his performances throughout Massachusetts, New York, and Philadelphia.

Walnut CD Release Party
Saturday, June 25m 6PM
The Neal Rantoul Black Box Theater
25 Exchange Street, Lynn Ma 01901
Tickets: $8 Advance/$12 Door

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Clean Sweep To The Sea this Saturday!

The East Lynn Community Association and the Friends of Lynn & Nahant Beach have put together a 2nd Annual Clean Sweep to the Sea  to clean from our Downtown all the way to the ocean. Many neighborhoods and city organizations get involved and it all culminates at Red Rock Park for a great party. On the walk back home, you get to enjoy your beautifully cleaned Lynn.

Join Soraya and their team in the Buffum Lot, start there and then make your way out into Central Square.  See you all on Saturday morning. I'll probably head outside around 11. 

---- From the flyer ----------------------

We challenge you to get your friends and neighbors, co-workers, and organizations together and pick a spot to clean! It can be a park, playground, streets around a park, the beach, your neighborhood… you choose! Just let us know by June 18th who you are, where you plan to clean, and how many persons will need a supply tote (a canvas tote bag to keep). We suggest that you have at least 5 to 10 persons per team. Totes will be delivered by June 24th to the person you designate as your team leader, including your cleanup supplies and tickets for the cookout at Red Rock Park.

Each team leader will meet with his/her team at the spot and time you pick (between 10-11:00 a.m.), and, after the cleanup, migrate to Red Rock Park for camaraderie, cookout, and concert.

Three local performers--Fiddle Head, Walnut-Da Lyrical Geni, and This Day in History--will be on stage  from noon until around 2:30 p.m. at Red Rock Park. City Councilors Dan Cahill (at large) and Darren Cyr (Ward 3) will be providing food and drinks for the cookout again this year.

Youth under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

City Council Agenda - June 21, 2011

June 21, 2011 - 8PM in Council Chambers

Her Honor the Mayor – Veto of Order Regarding City Owned Lot on Cedar Street.

Her Honor the Mayor:
Dear Councilors:
I am hereby reappointing the following member to the Economic Development Industrial Board: Dominic Ferarri, 30 Michael Road, Lynn, MA. His appointment will expire June 30, 2014.
Sincerely, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Mayor

FY12 Budget Hearing.

Petition of Omar Fernandez for H & T Tax Multiservice for permission for a LED overhang sign at 140 Union Street. (Colucci)

Petition of Eugene J. Dean of Fiesta Shows, Salisbury MA to operate a Carnival at Keaney Park located at Lynn English High School from June 22 through June 25, 2011 with set up beginning on June 19, 2011. (Ford/Trahant)

Petition of Rory’s Corporation, Paul Foglia, for permission to operate a Hot Dog/ Sausage Cart on Lynn Commons, Thurs.-Sun, 10:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (Crighton)

Petition of Happy Pups Playhouse, Katherine Reyes, for permission for a Pet Sitting/Doggy Daycare business at 37 Parrott Street. (Trahant)

Petition of Casa Fiesta and Bridal Shop, Inc., Angela Cabrera, for permission for a retail store in a the Light Industrial District, Section 4.4.1 of the Zone Ordinance at 461 Broad Street. (Capano)

Petition of Greek-American Croatian Social Club, for permission for a Non-Profit social, fraternal civic organization, Sec. 5.3.8 of the Zone Ordinance and MGL c. 138, Sec. 12 with the sale of alcoholic beverages to members and guests at 39-41 Buffum Street, Second Floor. (Colucci)

Petition of Holy Family Church “Festa Italiana”, Rev. Gregory J. Mercurio, for permission for a Festival-Carnival, July 28-29-30, 2011 at 26 Bessom Street. (Cyr)

Petition of Papa’s Italian Foods, Nichole DiModica, for permission for Cookie Manufacturing on premises for retail sale only at 20 Cooper Street. (Capano)

Petition of El Rincon Latino, Celso N. Acosta, for permission for a Food Truck at 29 Bennett Street. (Capano)

Petition of National Grid, Mike Parent, for permission to install beginning at handhold 4-30 in front of 580 Essex Street and continuing approximately 10 feet in a SW direction, installing 10’ of 2-2” PVC conduit for new street light. (Crighton)

Petition of NextG Networks Inc., for permission to install and maintain fiber and conduit with all associated connections, wires and cables and also to attach equipment to existing utility and/or streetlight poles in on or the public way for purposes of operating its telecommunication nextwork.

From the Council Meeting of May 24, 2010, to be adopted permanently:

Pursuant to MGL, Chapter 139, Section 1, Ordered that the building located at 226 Western Avenue is hereby adjudged to be a nuisance to the neighborhood or dangerous building and be it further ordered to demolish the building as it is in the best interest, health, safety and welfare of the people of Lynn. (Trahant)

Ways and Means Committee Report of May 24.

Ordered that Her Honor the Mayor be hereby authorized to execute a Memorandum of Understanding with the University of Massachusetts Extension Nutrition Education Program to provide nutrition education to children, youth and families participating in the Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program. (Ford)

Ordered that the City of Lynn hereby establishes a Youth Advisory Board comprised of four high school students who will assist to improve teen outreach and programs sponsored by the Lynn Parks and Recreation Department. Members of the Youth Advisory Board will be appointed by the Director of the Parks and Recreation and shall work in conjunction with North Shore Community College
Public Policy Institute. (Phelan)

Veteran’s Youth and Elderly Committee Report of June 14.

Ordered that the Lynn City Council accept the provisions of MGL, Chapter 59, Section 5, Paragraph 5 (22E), amended by Section 110 of Chapter 110 the Acts of 1993, allowing the assessors to grant statutory exemptions to disabled veterans who have resided in Massachusetts at least one year.

Ordered that the Lynn City Council accept the provisions of MGL, Chapter 60A, Section 1, Paragraphs 8 and 9, amended by Section 16 of Chapter 182 of the Acts of 2008, allowing the assessors to exempt the motor vehicle excise tax of any active serviceman, reservist, or national guardsman for any calendar year where the individual is deployed overseas for at least 45 days.

Ordered that the Lynn City Council accept the provisions of MGL, Chapter 60A, Section 9, added by Chapter 182, Section 17 of the Acts of 2008, allowing the deferment of payment, as well as the imposition of any penalties and interest, of any excise taxes incurred by a reservist or national guardsman while on active duty (or incurred by their dependents), until 180 days after the termination of their active duty status.

Ordered that the Lynn City Council accept the provisions of MGL, Chapter 59, Section 5, Clause 56, added by Section 42 of Chapter 188 of the Acts of 2010, allowing the assessors to exempt up to 100% of the real property taxes of any reservist or national guardsman for any fiscal year during which the individual serves on Active duty in a foreign country, subject to eligibility guidelines and
criteria to be established by the assessors.

Ordered that the Lynn City Council accept the provisions of MGL, Chapter 59, Section 5, Clause 18A, Paragraph 3, amended by Section 39 of Chapter 188 of the Acts of 2010, allowing the rate of interest for hardship tax deferrals granted under the clause 18A to be reduced by the Council from the statutory 8” amount to any amount down to 0%.

Ordered that the Lynn City Council accept the provisions of MGL, Chapter 59, Section 5L, added by section 12 of Chapter 260 of the Acts of 2006, allowing Massachusetts national guardsman and reservists deployed outside the state, or their dependents, up to 180 days after that service, to pay their property taxes without interest or penalties. At the end of the 180 days, interest is imposed on
any remaining balance at the statutory rate unless the returning service member qualifies for the 6% rate under the federal statute.

Audit Committee:
Ways & Means Committee:
Ordinance Committee:
Public Safety Committee
License Committee:
Public Property Committee:
Finance Committee:

Recommends that the Lynn City Council be requested to set down a Public Hearing relative to a burnt, dilapidated or dangerous building or other structure located at 33 Central Square and, after hearing, may make record an order adjudging it to be a nuisance to the neighborhood or dangerous and prescribing to its disposition, alteration, or regulation all as authorized by Massachusetts General
Laws, Chapter 139, Section 1. (Crighton) Tabled 1/11/11

Petition of Market Square Convenience, Sanchita Bellal, for permission for wine and malt beverages licenses at retail food convenience store at 2 Market Square (Capano) tabled 5/10/11

Public hearing to allow public input to the City’s Annual Action Plan, including the use of the Department of Housing and Urban Development appropriations for the Community Development Block Grant, Emergency Shelter Grant, HOME and Housing Opportunities for Persons with AIDS programs. (Tabled 5/24/11)


3/22 /11
Ordered that the City Comptroller be and is hereby authorized to make the following Appropriation Transfer: From the Account of the Reserve
To the Account of Comptroller Payroll

Ordered that the City Comptroller be and is hereby authorized to make the following Appropriation Transfer:
From the Account of the Reserve
To the Account of Comptroller Payroll

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Food Project is Bringing Food Education to Public Schools in Lynn

With public schools serving as hubs of activity, children in eastern Massachusetts communities are set to gain greater access to local food through a new initiative beginning this September. The Food Project, in partnership with CitySprouts and Boston Public Schools, will be delivering farm-to-school and school gardening projects in Boston, Lynn, and Gloucester. This partnership comprises the Massachusetts FoodCorps Initiative.

This effort is made possible by FoodCorps, a new AmeriCorps program that places service members for one year in high-need communities to improve children’s education about and access to healthy, locally grown food.

“CitySprouts and Boston Public Schools are natural partners for The Food Project as we embark on this new school-based initiative,” said Margaret Williams, executive director of The Food Project. “We’re eager to work with them in this exciting effort to increase children’s access to fresh and local food.”

The Massachusetts FoodCorps Initiative is a collaboration among two nonprofit organizations and the food and nutrition services department of the Boston Public Schools. The Food Project is a youth development and sustainable farming organization that offers employment, out-of-school education, and skills development opportunities to over 140 Greater Boston area youth each year. CitySprouts is an organization that works with public schools to develop school gardens as a learning resource for teachers, and provides support to teachers in extending their classroom curricula to the food-growing garden classroom. Boston Public Schools Food and Nutrition Service Department serves over 34,000 students each day, 75 percent of whom are eligible for free or reduced lunch. Three years ago, Boston Public Schools piloted a Farm to School Initiative that now serves a locally grown item on the cafeteria menu every Thursday in 46 cafeterias across the city.

FoodCorps service members will work in three main areas. First, through after-school programs at schools in the North Shore communities of Lynn and Gloucester, they will work with families and equip them with the resources to exert greater control over the food they eat, both at home and in school.

Second, under CitySprouts’ leadership, service members will help introduce the group’s innovative school gardening model to Gloucester elementary schools, focusing on supporting teachers’ use of gardens to achieve academic and nutrition learning goals.

Finally, they will work on and strengthen the farm-to-school outreach and awareness-raising campaign currently being piloted by the Farm to School Initiative of Boston Public Schools. This follows on the success from three years of intensive work by the Boston Public Schools’ Food and Nutrition Services to source local produce for the 46 schools in the system that have full-kitchen cafeteria facilities.

"The timing of this new initiative couldn't be better,” said Ann-Marie Jordan, health coordinator of the Gloucester Public Schools. “Our partnership with CitySprouts and The Food Project will provide us with essential support as we look to integrate academic, health, and environmental education through hands-on learning in school yard gardens.”

The Massachusetts FoodCorps Initiative was chosen as one of FoodCorps’ 10 host organizations following a highly competitive process from 108 prospective host sites across the country.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Lynn Food and Fitness Festival June 18th on Lynn Commons

The Lynn Food and Fitness festival is Saturday starting at 10AM. This is a great initiative by many city groups to promote healthy lifestyles in the city of Lynn. This is a great start towards educating the general public about all the great resources there are in this city for food, fitness, and the arts which can all lead to living a healthier, longer more productive life.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

School Committee 2011 - Dolores DiFillipo

I asked each of the candidates (that I could find online) 3 questions. Here is the response from Dolores DiFillipo.  To see more on this series, please visit the Lynn, MA School Committee 2011 Series.

1. Tell us a little about yourself. Where did you grow up? Where did you go to school? What on your resume or in your life experience makes you qualified for this office?
My name is Dolores Jean DiFillipo and I am currently a Candidate for Lynn School Committee. I am the daughter of Marylou Sousa Waters and Edmund F. Waters Jr. I am the youngest daughter of three. Most of my childhood was in East Boston until approximately 1972. This is when my aunt and uncle (The DiLiberti’s) moved to Lynn and purchased a home. I spent most of my summers and weekends at their home with my sisters. My love for the City of Lynn began at that time. We would spend most of our time at Lynn beach, shopping in downtown Lynn and enjoying the neighborhood lock parties off Eastern Ave. So it was only natural for me as an adult to come back to a city I had fallen in love with as a child and young adult.

I am the wife of Anthony “Tony” DiFillipo and the mother of our two children. Our family has been in the City of Lynn for over 100 years. We have a family business (Brickyard “50 club”) and own residential & commercial property in the City of Lynn. Our family has an investment in the City of Lynn. I currently hold a Masters in Education in Counseling & Psychology and a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice. I am employed by MGH-Revere & Revere High School as a Partnership. My role within the high school is to educate students and staff on ATOD (Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs as well as Lifeskills Program for High Schools students). I am a Licensed Social Worker with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. I have over 27 years of experience working with children and families. I have numerous years of experience in law enforcement, protection, education, investigations, social work/clinical work and case management. My previous work experiences have included: case management, assessment & treatment, investigations, clinical behavior modification planning and planning services for families in need.

I would like for the citizens of Lynn to take a look at my resume& website to determine if I am qualified to be a Candidate for the Lynn School Committee.


2. Why did you choose to run for School Committee?

Our children deserve the best education and resources possible in order to succeed. I am determined to make sure that every child in the City of Lynn has the opportunity to strive for their very best, with the proper tools, resources and foundation possible. Our children are our future. We are their present and need to do better to demand that they receive the very best from our Lynn Public School system. I am completely committed to ensure that our children (special education and regular education) do not get left behind. Having a child currently in the Lynn Public School system gives me a the first hand knowledge base to see and hear what is and is not being provided for our children. I want to be the “PARENTS” voice on the current Lynn School Committee. It is so important that our families are represented by a parent as well as an educator/ professional in the field. I am both and I am willing to take the stand to demand changes in the current Lynn Public School system.

3. What do you see that is in most need of change? How will you change it?

It is my goal to be a member of the Lynn School Committee to begin the process of change. My Plan is as follows:

*Special Education Reform:

We need to begin the process of changing the current Special Education Department by providing and obtaining more funding, tools, resources, accountability and become more user friendly for the citizens of Lynn to ensure that every child/family gets the services they entitled to by law.

*School Improvement Plan:

Our schools are in deplorable conditions and we need to ensure that the School Improvement Plans are in place and begin the work of fixing our schools and rebuilding the district (26 schools). Provide more support to the Principals and teachers as well as the families being displaced.

*Budget Accountability.

We need to keep our teachers and provide them with every tool, resource, training necessary to ensure our children are successful. We need more staff, educators and fewer administrators. We need to ensure that the monies are going where they are intended and track what it is being used for.


We can do better at obtaining and ensuring that Grants are applied for and maintained in a timely fashion. Begin the process of seeking out large corporate agencies to invest in our children. We need to build relationships within the corporate world to ensure our children/families have the same opportunities that most cities and towns have. Together we can begin the work and make sure our children are not left behind. I welcome you to join me in this fight for our children’s education.

Respectfully Submitted,

Dolores J. DiFillipo, M.Ed.,LSW J. DiFillipo,
Candidate for Lynn School Committee
Cell: 781-589-7459

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thank You

Contrary to popular belief, the bow at the end of a play or musical is not for the actor to get his or her due praise. We bow in theatre to show our appreciation for the audience - to say THANK YOU!

This weekend we had two sold out shows for The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee in Downtown Lynn. Yeah, there's blood and sweat that goes into putting something like this together and believe me the last few months have been intense, but it makes it all worth it when YOU come to see it. So, I just wanted to take a break and say thank you.

I walked around Downtown Lynn at 7PM on Saturday night to see who was out at the restaurants. I shook hands at 80% of the tables at The Blue Ox and on my way back I stopped in to Turbine Wine Bar where patrons were having pre-show meals as well. After both nights, Turbine Wine Bar was packed with post-showgoers. As we all know the Arts is a key to economic development downtown and it's working. I saw it with my own eyes last night.

All of this is not to toot my own horn. This event was the work of almost 100 people. Come and read the playbill to see how all your neighbors from across the North Shore and beyond came together to put this on. All of this is to toot your horn. Thanks for the support. Thanks for coming. Tell everyone you know to get to the theatre next weekend. We still have the following performances.

Get tickets at artsafterhours.comor by calling 781-205-4010.

June 12th 4PM
w/ Guest Speller
Chomps the Alligator, Mascot of the North Shore Navigators

June 16th 8PM
w/ Guest Spellers
Lynn Museum Director Kate Luchini
David J. Solimine, Jr. of Solimine, Landergan & Richardson Funeral Homes

June 17th 8PM
w/ Guest Spellers
Charles Gaeta, Executive Director of LHAND
Lucy Dearborn, Owner of Lucia Lighting and Design
Susan Halter, Executive Director of LynnArts

June 18th 8PM - special 21+ Adult Bee (Strong language and adult themes)

June 19th 4PM
Matt O'Neil, Executive Chef and Managing Partner of The Blue Ox
Stephen Hanley, Owner of Turbine Wine Bar

Tickets: $20 Adults, $18 Children & Seniors (65+)

Friday, June 3, 2011

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy at Lynn Auditorium TONIGHT - June 3rd

Food and Fitness Festival on Lynn Commons - June 18th

Come and check out the great work being done by several organizations, including The Food Project, Girls Inc, SCI Lynn and others around the city banding together to educate our community on the importance of eating and living in a healthy way. On June 18th from 10AM to 2PM, several vendors will be on hand and activities will take place throughout the day. They are going to have volleyball and salsa, among many other fun things to do. There is going to be free samples of healthy foods. Arts After Hours will be there with LynnHappens and TLGUTS educating the public on the importance of arts programming in a healthy active lifestyle. We look forward to seeing you all there.

When I get more info, I will share.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

MBTA Event Today at 9:30AM at Commuter Rail Busway

There is an event this morning at the MBTA station in Central Square in the busway between Market and Union st where the MBTA and our city and state officials are coming together to talk about the great improvements made to our station. Several months ago a resident or two got a bit up in arms about puke being left to dry in our stairwell (there is now a regular cleaning schedule), a rape occuring in our elevator , and the station seemingly rotting away before our eyes. Well, they heard it loud and clear and a lot of work has been done to change the situation at Lynn Station.

This has been a phenomenal effort by so many organizations from residents all the way to the state house. We really appreciate the importance placed on our safety, our convenience, and our neighborhood.Sorry for the late notice on this one. Way too much going on. Lots of good info in this post if you can't make it. Need to personally thank Lt. Cmd. Robert Lenehan for keeping the neighbors informed every step of the way on this. He is a phenomenal friend to Downtown Lynn. 

EVENT:MBTA, City of Lynn officials announce improvements to Lynn Commuter Rail Station

Transportation officials along with Lynn State and local officials gather at Lynn Commuter Rail station to applaud recent security, fare vending, and aesthetic improvements to the station.

DATE/TIME: Thursday, June 2 - 9:30 a.m.

LOCATION: Lynn Commuter Rail station, Lynn, Ma
(In Busway near corner of Market and Broad Streets)

MassDOT Transportation Secretary Jeff Mullan
MBTA General Manager and Rail & Transit Administrator Rich Davey
MBTA Board of Directors
Transportation Chairman Thomas McGee
Mayor of Lynn Judith Flanagan Kennedy
State Representative Donald Wong
State Representative Robert Fennell
State Representative Lori Ehrlich
State Representative Steven Myles Walsh

Background: Lynn commuter rail station located on the Rockport commuter rail line serves 860 daily customers. One way fare is $4.75 9(zone 2) and a monthly CharlieCard is $151.00. 25 round trips between Rockport and Boston stop at the Lynn Commuter Rail station providing customers with a 23 minute ride into North Station. On site station parking accommodates 965 vehicles including 23 accessible spaces at a cost of $4.00 per day.

Working closely with Lynn officials to promote public transportation and to ensure customers are provided a safe, reliable, and accommodating experience, the MBTA has made significant improvements to the station relating to security, fare vending, and the internal and external appearance of the station.

Security/Safety - A $160,000 investment, 20 networked security cameras have been installed to provide live viewing capability to Transit Police and the MBTA’s Operations Control Center. Cameras have been installed in the following areas: commuter rail platforms, stairwells, and concourse area. Additional locations include the busway and the fare collection area.

Station Improvements - Enhanced lighting; interior and exterior maintenance including powerwashing; and the installation of bird netting under the bridge to address nesting.

Automated Fare Collection: Two fare vending machines have been installed in the busway adjacent to the Inspector’s booth to allow Central Square bus customers the opportunity to purchase fare media in advance. This will allow for faster boarding and increased payment options for these customers.

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