Thursday, June 30, 2011

July 3rd is Here

The July 4th weekend holds a special place in my heart. My very first weekend as a loft dweller in Downtown Lynn was on July 4th weekend in 2006. I remember heading up to the roof to check it out and this was before I thought anyone else lived in the building. I was wrong, I was greeted on the roof by the only other resident at the time from the 2nd floor.

I kept going up all weekend to see the crazy people of Lynn trying to light their faces on fire with the most incredible backyard fireworks displays. It's a sight to see. Union Hospital must be a pretty busy place this weekend.  July 3rd weekend is also host to the wonderful and legal fireworks display down at the beach. It's a quick walk down Washington Street Ext or Nahant Street to the beach wall and pretty much anywhere along the wall is a good spot to view the fireworks. The closer you get to Red Rock the thicker the crowd. We've watched from pretty close to the Nahant rotary in years past and it's been great.

Throughout the weekend there are lots of block parties and in the Downtown area usually there are one or two loft parties.  So make sure you get out and meet your neighbors this weekend and let the readers know in the comments if anything else fun is going on this weekend that we should know about.

Happy 4th!

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