Thursday, June 2, 2011

MBTA Event Today at 9:30AM at Commuter Rail Busway

There is an event this morning at the MBTA station in Central Square in the busway between Market and Union st where the MBTA and our city and state officials are coming together to talk about the great improvements made to our station. Several months ago a resident or two got a bit up in arms about puke being left to dry in our stairwell (there is now a regular cleaning schedule), a rape occuring in our elevator , and the station seemingly rotting away before our eyes. Well, they heard it loud and clear and a lot of work has been done to change the situation at Lynn Station.

This has been a phenomenal effort by so many organizations from residents all the way to the state house. We really appreciate the importance placed on our safety, our convenience, and our neighborhood.Sorry for the late notice on this one. Way too much going on. Lots of good info in this post if you can't make it. Need to personally thank Lt. Cmd. Robert Lenehan for keeping the neighbors informed every step of the way on this. He is a phenomenal friend to Downtown Lynn. 

EVENT:MBTA, City of Lynn officials announce improvements to Lynn Commuter Rail Station

Transportation officials along with Lynn State and local officials gather at Lynn Commuter Rail station to applaud recent security, fare vending, and aesthetic improvements to the station.

DATE/TIME: Thursday, June 2 - 9:30 a.m.

LOCATION: Lynn Commuter Rail station, Lynn, Ma
(In Busway near corner of Market and Broad Streets)

MassDOT Transportation Secretary Jeff Mullan
MBTA General Manager and Rail & Transit Administrator Rich Davey
MBTA Board of Directors
Transportation Chairman Thomas McGee
Mayor of Lynn Judith Flanagan Kennedy
State Representative Donald Wong
State Representative Robert Fennell
State Representative Lori Ehrlich
State Representative Steven Myles Walsh

Background: Lynn commuter rail station located on the Rockport commuter rail line serves 860 daily customers. One way fare is $4.75 9(zone 2) and a monthly CharlieCard is $151.00. 25 round trips between Rockport and Boston stop at the Lynn Commuter Rail station providing customers with a 23 minute ride into North Station. On site station parking accommodates 965 vehicles including 23 accessible spaces at a cost of $4.00 per day.

Working closely with Lynn officials to promote public transportation and to ensure customers are provided a safe, reliable, and accommodating experience, the MBTA has made significant improvements to the station relating to security, fare vending, and the internal and external appearance of the station.

Security/Safety - A $160,000 investment, 20 networked security cameras have been installed to provide live viewing capability to Transit Police and the MBTA’s Operations Control Center. Cameras have been installed in the following areas: commuter rail platforms, stairwells, and concourse area. Additional locations include the busway and the fare collection area.

Station Improvements - Enhanced lighting; interior and exterior maintenance including powerwashing; and the installation of bird netting under the bridge to address nesting.

Automated Fare Collection: Two fare vending machines have been installed in the busway adjacent to the Inspector’s booth to allow Central Square bus customers the opportunity to purchase fare media in advance. This will allow for faster boarding and increased payment options for these customers.

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