Sunday, August 28, 2011

We Go Both Ways!

I remember a meeting with the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce a while ago where I asked what they felt was the number one issue to solve in Downtown Lynn. The answer, "one way streets." Living in Central Square, I never really thought about it much as it didn't really present me with any issues. When you think about it though, all the streets I use to get to Central Square are one way in my favor. It turns rather sour, really fast, when they are not in your favor. Try and get to Essex Street or Oxford from Market Street without really knowing Lynn and you're screwed.

Washington Street is a two way street until you hit Downtown. Union Street is a two way street except for one tiny section in front of the Capitol Diner. Essex Street is a two way street until you hit the Courthouse. Exchange Street is a two way street that turns into a one way Central Square which forks off into a one way Central Ave (different than Central Square) and a one way Willow Street.  Munroe, Oxford, Andrew... the list goes on.  Even opening up a few of these would make it so much easier to get where you need to do business downtown.

I just moved to Sloan Machinery Lofts right across from the courthouse and City Hall. Why I can't take a left out of my driveway to go down Essex Street  or over to Washington is beyond me.  One would also assume it would make sense that after taking a right on Essex, I would be able to go left onto Market Street (our major retail corridor) - NOPE, you must either go down Central and then find another one way to get over to Market, or go over towards the Common and figure out how to u-turn and get on to Market that way.

I know this has been an issue in our city for some time and it was quoted to me as one of the number one problems by LACC probably 3 years ago. So, what about it? Anyone else having trouble here? Anyone like the way it is?

Once again, I find myself asking, Why doesn't this city seem to have a planner on staff? Don't hire another consulting firm, hire a city planner.



  1. This city needs a city planner or active EDIC that looks at the WHOLE city and has a strategic plan that it actually follows with goals each year spelled out and completed.  Why is every street on the left going down Lynnfield Street a dead end - they didn't think to connect the streets on the other end to make it 'driver friendly'? - why is Wyoma Square so narrow and have so many streets merging with no parking for businesses to develop it into a business area?  Who built elementary schools without play areas or put the nicest parks hidden at the end of dead end streets?  Isn't there someone with the ability to figure how to upgrade/demolish 'bad' areas and buy up the houses so as to build a nice middle school to replace Marshall that is condemned and have a field next to it?  You can't develop downtown and make it a destination without working on the whole city.    Who is demanding that GE do something about all that toxic land covered with asphalt?  Always looks like a war zone to me when I drive through.   Why aren't there restaurants and stores along the Commons?  There is no parking anywhere available in this city so the excuse will always be lack of parking when trying to develop any area.

  2. there are plenty of grant writing workshops that could be mandatory for each department head - I did agree with Duffy that one grant writer can't write all grants for school, buildings, developments, etc.  Police department seems to do a great job on writing their grants.  School department has a grant writer.  They just need a person in charge that knows what he is doing and can oversee that they are being submitted properly and complete.  EDIC should be submitting grants but who sees what is applied for and how it gets utilized?

  3. I agree that the entire city needs some planning. This is though so thus my focus :-) Plenty of parking downtown. MBTA garage, Buffum lot, Andrew Street lot, Shaw's lot, NSCC lot. They are all just hard to find down various one way streets.


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