Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Connecting Downtown Lynn to the Highlands - High Rock Stairs Dedication

High Rock Stairs connecting Essex Street to High Rock Tower

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy stands proud with kids from local middle schools and Girls, Inc.

Kids get a photo op

Jamie Marsh, head of the Office of Community Development, the office that made it happen.

Incredible views of Lynn and the Boston skyline from High Rock Hill

Kids enjoying cider and getting to meet Jamie Marsh and Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy

Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy meets some students working on a Future City project!

Downtown Lynn, just gorgeous!

You can't tell me that's not a beautiful downtown.

Congrats and Thank you to the Mayor of Lynn, Judith Flanagan Kennedy, Jamie Marsh and the Office of Economic and Community Development, The Highlands Coalition, and the Lynn DPW for taking another part of Lynn and making it all that more special.  Nice work!


  1. Your images are an apt capture of the moment...  and thank you for being an ear for some of the nuggets of recent and older history of the High Rock Reservation, Tower, Observatory Park, Hutchinson Cottage that this Lynn Historical Commissioner pitched to you ! CA

  2. Thanks Calvin. It's a beautiful place and was great to hear about its history.


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