Saturday, November 5, 2011

Saying Goodbye to My Little Friend

For those of you who have been to Fernando's website, you are greated with the picture of a Cuban sandwich and the slogan, "Say hello to my little friend."  While in Scarface, it's a reference to a sort of grenade launching machine gun, at Fernando's it was a little Cuban sandwich, that if you ever tried, you would understand why the slogan makes sense. It packed the most powerful punch in all of Lynn's Lunch places. Over the last 24 months, Juan has cooked delicious food yes, but more importantly, he was incredibly involved in the local community, and that was noticed and admired by many, including me.  I only wished I worked days in Lynn so I could have been there every single day.

I know Juan, and I know this isn't the last we're going to see of this brilliant chef. I look forward to new projects and hope to still get to taste his delights out at the Lynn events around town. While foot traffic and an incredible maze of one way streets are still our primary issues Downtown, we're making progress on at least one front. The new VNA building will be done soon, more artists lofts will be going in in Central Square and hopefully we'll see the next RCG project underway at 14 Central Ave.  Unfortunately for Fernando's it's too little, too late.  For Juan's next stop on this journey, the timing will be just right!
Juan Gonzales at Culturefest, his annual event on Munroe Street

Juan's message on Facebook read as follows:

Beloved Friends and Clients,
The last 24 months that each of you gave to us, for bringing you food made 100% fresh, each of our plates made ‘a la minute’, gave us a preference to taste our food. Today I gladly inform you that in search of finding perfection in the business and attention of client, Fernando’s will temporarily close its doors. The new Chef and owner will bring in different attitudes in the Gastronomical area. Don’t forget of supporting small and local businesses, and thank you for your support and preference.

Thank you very much for you preference.
Juan Gonzalez
Owner and Executive Chef.
Head on over to the Fernando's fan page on Facebook and give Juan a shout out!!
So, I'll say goodbye to my little friend for now (the Cuban, that is), but I'm not saying goodbye to Juan Gonzales and his amazing food. I know the best is yet to come.
Juan Gonzales at Arts After Hours Back Yard Bash 2010


  1. I am so sad to hear this news! Fernando's was a hidden gem, perhaps "too" hidden. Juan is a great guy and I wish him all good things. btw, that's meon the left in the above picture. Doesn't look it but I was enjoying one of Juan's creations that night,, maybe two ;)

  2. So sorry to hear this news.  What a nice man and a sweet family.  Loved your food.

    Best Wishes for You and Your Family!


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