Monday, January 30, 2012

Free Movie Night and Discussion Starting Thursday 2/2/2012

Centerboard is hosting a films series, Heroes of the City at The Pulse @ JB Blood. The Pulse is a new community center in the front of 20 Wheeler right in front of Centerboard's administrative offices. This movie series is centered around the concept of the urban hero. As you may or may not know, Centerboard's mission is tied completely towards the revitalization of Downtown Lynn. It will be very interesting to watch these films followed by great discussion with Dr. Nick Parker, a film writer, professor, and Downtown Lynn resident as well as several from the Centerboard staff.  There will be refreshments served. Make sure you RSVP. There is limited seating.

Heroes of the City: A Film Series - "Taxi Driver: The Doubtful Urban Hero" 2/2/12 7PM - 10PM 


Heroes of the City: A Film Series - "Falling Down: Mapping the city in Falling Down" 2/23/12 7PM - 10PM 


Heroes of the City: A Film Series - "The Fighter: The Struggle of Men and Women in the City" 3/15/12 7PM - 10PM



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