Friday, January 6, 2012

Share in the Vision for Professional Theatre Downtown

I want to tell you all a secret. In 3 years, we're going to have a professional Equity theatre in Downtown Lynn run by Arts After Hours. How do I know this?

Because I won't stop until it happens.

We've already proven with every event we have, with every night of theatre, with every gallery show, with every music event, receipts in Downtown restaurants go up.  Yeah I have a passion for theatre, but it equals my passion for our amazing potential in Downtown Lynn.

70% of our Arts After Hours' audience is coming from outside our borders. People coming to Lynn, having a phenomenal quality experience and leaving to tell their friends. You can't beat this.

So, here's where you come in. Our next show opens on January 19th. Click on the link to or call 781-205-4010 and buy two tickets (or more) to I Love You, You're Perfect, Now Change. Use code "LOVE" for $5 off each ticket.  Even if you don't know who you are going to bring yet, buy the tickets, and challenge yourself to introduce someone to Downtown Lynn in 2012 (could be rediscovering it yourself?).

Really great modern score, really funny dialogue and an incredible cast and production crew.

This is your chance to make a specific impact in Downtown Lynn. Come to the show. Before the show, go to a downtown restaurant. After the show, go to a Downtown Bar. Might we suggest our sponsors, The Blue Ox for dinner and Northern Nights on the Lynnway for drinks after the show.

Make this show a success, make the next one even bigger. I might even be able to squeeze that 3 year projection down a bit. Let's get a professional theatre operating in Lynn.

Happy ticket buying,

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  1. Go to haverhill, lowell, brockton and cambridge what do they all have going on downtown investment business's opening everyday dtl has so much land vacant that could be developed. I truly believe a movie theatre would be great and do great make it look just like  old style theatre and once that happens others will see and so on maybe with a theme like chuckys does.
     The city of lynn has to hire a dtl planner a outsider that has outside boston connections to bring in the outside investment opportunities. I know that a if the city of lynn actually got serious about redeveloping some of the vacant lots in around downtown lynn things would change instantly. What about the mount vernon street station lofts tell me that whole street couldnt be turned into sort of like a salem willows type of location. block off the street bring in a few arcades, restaurants, cafes, let people setup vendor booths and you have a place bringing familys, teenagers and outsiders with money in there pocket looking to spend it. anything is better then vacancy signs?....
     Another great tragedy of lynn is that braintree, newton, malden all got the T extension but Lynn no why not because we dont and have not ever had anyone to fight for us, one corrupt politician after another making promises and doing nothing to help lynn....  
    p.s or the westlynn GE lot what a shame or the lynnway wow there is so much but i could go on and on... its time to make a difference but i really dont know how? any suggestions? 


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