Thursday, March 22, 2012

It's Beautiful Out... Guess We Should go to Salem?

What happens when the great weather comes out? People start to flock out of the office buildings and look for a great outdoor spot to eat lunch and enjoy happy hours all across Massachusetts. Today, for my wife's birthday we wanted to stay in Lynn but there is one place with outdoor seating and not all could agree on lunching in Lynn. So we headed to the many options of Salem and Marblehead with outdoor seating.

Throughout the past 6 years I've had many discussions with restauranteurs about this. It always seems to be a block by city hall. Some odd health code restriction that they have line of sight? In Boston they have roof decks, outdoor tables in back patios and even in alleys alongside their side walls. Certainly no line of sight there. Since we're taking Boston's lead on taxi driver language lessons (oy!) maybe we should look to less restriction on outdoor seating too (bit more productive I would say) and open us up to more interesting opportunities for our restaurants to increase their seating in the warmer months and keep the good weather business IN LYNN.



  1. While City Hall/ISD enforces what would be considered blue laws or outdated laws anywhere else, it has a history of not enforcing the more sensible aspects of code. I'm saying history, because I can't speak for code enforcement now, but for the fallout that's still happening because of what was done. It has actually hurt our business community and some of our DTL residents. We're eating the costs. (You may know what I'm referring to, but I'll back up my claim offline to protect parties involved. I want people to at least know in general terms.)

    It's time to  stop using City Hall as an excuse. Scratch that. It's time for even City Hall to stop using City Hall as an excuse for bad ordinances. Maybe we should stage an elaborate picnic and eat outside on City Hall steps this summer, if cooler heads won't listen?

  2. Corey,
    You are absolutely correct.  I found myself wondering the same thing last week and wound up at the Black Lobster in Beverly, which is on the water and has outdoor seating.

    Lynn is lacking a full scale restaurant with big sliding doors that open in good weather and also offer that connection to outdoor seating.  We could use an entrepreneur with this kind of vision to invest in our city.

    Until then, Lynn'ers do have the Four Winds Pub, where they can enjoy some food and cold beverage on an outdoor deck overlooking Sluce Pond.


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