Friday, March 9, 2012

Let's Go To The Movies...

Coming up next week on March 15th is the last in a three part series on The Urban Hero at The Pulse @ JB Blood as they screen The Fighter. It's been such a pleasure to see all the elements come together to produce 3 great nights in Downtown Lynn. Resident of DTL, a film educator and writer, reaches out to Centerboard, an organization ramping up its arts component, and they combine together in an abandoned space to create "The Pulse" on 20 Wheeler Street.

The Pulse is more of a symbol than a place. They took an empty storefront (2 really) and created life inside. Gave it a purpose. Gave people a reason while driving by to pause and notice action.

I hope you will come to the last in the series in which Centerboard with Dr. Nick Parker present The Fighter. It's FREE. There are refreshments including some yummy popcorn. There is a wonderful discussion led by Nick at the end of each screening. The discussion on the 15th will focus in on gender and the urban hero. It's an incredible night.  You don't have to worry about missing the first two, it's not important to the conversation.

The room is small and fills up quick. I urge you to RSVP today at eventbrite. All the details of the film and discussion are there as well.



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