Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What's going on?

I'm amazed at how many readers still stop by each day even though I am a loser who never writes to you anymore.  Ran into Jamie Marsh out on the streets of Lynn today and he kind of reminded me why I shouldn't be so quiet. There's a ton going on and I know some of you rely on this site and to keep you in the know. Seth has been going gangbusters over at Lynn Happens. If you are not a follower of that site, you need to be.  I have to be honest, I haven't felt much like writing lately. This city sometimes has a way of beating you down. What's great about being a Lynner is that it never works.

So what's new? Well, Arts After Hours is really taking off and we are very happy to be producing our first family friendly show this May, You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown. Tickets are already on sale and the team is coming together to begin rehearsals on April 9th.  I will be performing professionally over the next few months in Stoneham Theatre's The Full Monty. It's kind of funny, this very funny yet poignant musical was the example I used at City Council when the council was debating the Adult Entertainment Ordinance aka The Moral Code of Lynn, MA.  Since I can't take my clothes off in Lynn, I'll have to do it Stoneham. I know you're all dying to see me naked.  Now's your chance.

Lots of great development is happening Downtown. All Care VNA is all moved in to their new space, RCG is developing out 24 Central for Lynn Community Health Care's expansion. It also is looking to fill two more floors of new tenants. 33 Central is now safely in the hands of the EDIC, has a new roof and architect, and should get going any month now. The Mayo Group still sucks and is holding many properties hostage. Some things never change after all.   I hear the developer that owns the vacant lot near LynnArts is looking to finally move on building out some interesting open space and possibly expand the Museum park out a bit. That would be very cool!

Centerboard has taken up shop in the JB Blood including building out the two vacant storefronts in to "The Pulse" which houses several classes, meetings, rehearsals, and art shows. They've begun doing pop-up dinners on the 4th floor of the JB Blood using an abandoned industrial kitchen and amazing dining room looking out at the ocean. Just a glimpse of what could be possible on the actual waterfront. Check out their latest event on Thursday, March 8th, Pop-up and Kickstart to help fund their next public art project in Central Square.

The Auditorium is going gangbusters with Pat Benetar coming next month. They are real close to getting air conditioning in the place if the city can figure out a path to get the rest of the money (DO IT). What's good for the auditorium is good for every single restaurant downtown. Year round programming can only mean good. DO IT! CITY COUNCIL!!! MAYOR!!! DO IT!!!

There is the usual circus at City Hall including firings, hirings, and a debate about whether cab drivers should learn English. Always amazes me the battles we choose to fight. :-( I would encourage the council to drop this one and focus on our real problems.

Quick note to the Lynn Item. Steve Walsh is a good man and he is doing real good things. He has done them for Lynn and he will continue to do them for Massachusetts. Stop the freaking non-story about him doing what every other freaking politician does in this screwed up system. Seriously, STOP! It's not news, it seems more like a reporter must have a personal problem with Steve.

There! I think I'm all caught up now.

So, what else is going on in this awesome city? Fill me in for once.


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  1. The Highlands Coalition is attempting to revitalize Cook St. Park by building a community garden which will be run by neighbors and hopefully adding new playground equipment. The other goal would be to keep gangs (and after school fights) out of the park.


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