Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lots of Development Planned for DTL

Today's Item has a great feature story on development happening or about to happen in the Downtown area. Jim Cowdell and the EDIC are on fire. As we all know very well, they have purchased 33 Central Square and have plans to begin the remodel before the summer is out. RCG is hard at work getting 14 Central ready for its new inhabitants including Lynn Community Health and I hear a cafe will be located on the 1st floor.

On the corner of Andrew Street, which suffered that grease fire a few years back, there is a developer getting ready to begin a project with exactly the correct philosophy for a Downtown like ours: mixed use. Retail on bottom floors, residential above. I hope it's a mix of rentals and condos. That would be the ideal of ideal.

The rumors of a bakery at the corner of Sutton and Liberty are now confirmed in this article as well. I hear through the grapevine it may be a very well known bakery and will include a retail location. I'm not giving up the name until it's public but you all will be very happy as will your bellies.

The article goes on to point out the Hawthorne property as the sore of Downtown. The Athanas family will appear before City Council on Tuesday to address concerns the city has with leaving that plot dormant for so long. It has so much potential.

At the corner of Union and Exchange, the empty plot will be converted into a nice outdoor park with ampitheatre this summer.

Good things. Good things. Developers only get this interested once they see activity and numbers to support a successful project. You're all a big part of that. Keep it up. Keep doing. Keep pushing. As a great mentor of mine says to me daily, "keep digging."

Check out the Item article on development in Downtown Lynn led by the EDIC.


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