Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Olympic Gardens Specials Menu Gives the Place an Identity

My wife and I decided to give Olympic Gardens another try this past weekend and boy were we happy we did. The entry is kind of similar to what Turbine and Casa Antigua offer. No welcome.  It's very similar to entering a bar and you have to kind of guess if you should sit or not. Once seated, you are greeted by the most friendly of wait staff (both times this was the case). A welcome addition is the "specials" menu. The specials have turned this place into a blend of the traditional Lynn menu you see everywhere and a place where you can get some incredible Greek cuisine. I had the Moussaka and my wife ordered the Fish and Chips. The menu now has an identity but will still appeal to most everyone with their very extensive menu.

Sam and Blue Moon are currently the only things on the beer list better than a Bud light and the wine is listed by type. Again, fine for most, but nothing special for a bar experience.

You can not beat the price. These two meals, plus drinks came in under $40.

Definitely will be returning to Olympic Gardens.  If the wine and beer situation improves, we may even throw an Arts After Hours party over to that location.


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