Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Just caught this article in the Lynn Journal.

Could this be the beginning of opening the books on residency in this city? I know how you all feel on this. You should know how I feel from previous posts. I'm very much with the court on this decision.

I want this extended in to City Hall. Open up the possibilities for Lynn to hire highly skilled transformers of city functions. People who have taken similar places and brought them to life. Whether it be parking lots that are clean, plans that make sense,  permitting that is clear and easy, budgets that get spent correctly, schools that improve, a city clerks office that doesn't feel like the most miserable place on earth. I'll take any and all and I think we need to look within and outside our borders to get the right people in the right jobs citywide!


  1. Lynn has 1,000 abandoned houses, 500 homeowners fighting foreclosure, and many trying to sell their homes before in trouble too.  Do you really think a good idea to discuss fire and police moving out now (and as many are married to teachers, there goes the teachers too)???   And YES if they are fighting for this they want to move contrary to what Mayor and councilors seem to think.

    I totally agree that finance, EDIC, and business departments should not be Lynn residents - we do desperately need talented professionals with proven records and a real vision as Lynn is only getting worse each year and there is no new development in this city (other than non-profits) and budget/finance is obviously a disaster.

  2. I don't think we can have your second paragraph without also having police included.  Also, we're talking about 187 people (wish that number was higher but it isn't). It's not going to be a staggering situation even if they all move, which they won't. 

  3. Why should police not live here?  Other large cities have such requirements.   What is so unique about their qualifications that Lynn residents cannot qualify just as well as any other outside candidates?  If they want to live elsewhere, why don't they just apply elsewhere? - I know many in my own neighborhood that would love the job.   

    EDIC and finance credentials and qualifications are unique and finding the right experience is not something that you necessarily find in Lynn. (Mayor too but that has to be a Lynn resident).  (The new grant guy is buying a house in Lynn - moved from NY without a problem though so there are options)

    187  people mostly grossing over $100,000 a year is not a group we should lose in this economic time. And you need to add to that the fire eventually.  Most I know are married with families - we need more families here. 

    You need to consider what is best for ALL Lynn - downtown is a small portion of the city.  City workers are the base for many neighborhoods.  It is not unusual for GE workers and many others to have to move with their jobs.  

  4.  I don't disagree with you but I think you're trying to have it both ways.  Police should want to live here.

    So, how do we get a better Lynn with the qualified individuals in the right jobs creating real change in city departments while maintaining a residency requirement? How's it working out so far? 

    And, of course there are qualified people who live in Lynn to do many of the jobs in City Hall. I don't refute that either. I just don't see the point in being restrictive.

    And I'm aware how little attention is paid to the importance of our downtown. It's why we only have 187 cops when we need almost 40 more according to the chief, it's why we are anti-business in almost every possible way, it's why the rest of the city struggles when it could have so much more revenue.... and it's why we need to bring in more OUTSIDE blood. Period!

    This is, I'm going to talk about Downtown Lynn and how a thriving downtown is good for all of the city of Lynn, no matter how small we are.

  5. In terms of opening up residency, it could be a way to address two problems at the same time. First, you could have a larger pool of qualified candidates to choose from as far as city jobs. Second, it could potentially reduce the nepotism and the number of family relationships going on in city offices. Not sure if I support the concept of residency but this is something to consider.

  6.  we've thought for years that it would be fun to do an art project displaying the City Hall family tree.

  7. Other than Lawrence and Boston I know of no other Massachusetts community that requires residency for its employees.  Many of them are doing just fine.  There's nothing wrong with fresh blood and fresh ideas, all in the hopes of making Lynn a place people WANT to live in, not HAVE to live in.  We're skipping distance to Boston south and apple orchards north, have many positive natural and historic features, strong athletic programs for our children and a burgeoning arts district. I'd vote for a change to see what happens. 

  8. I just wish the teachers had to live here too. If our kids are forced to go to these schools based on geography/ward etc, then the teachers should to. Then again, the good teachers would probably move out.

  9. Fun & enlightening -  I think someone should actually publish one of these.


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