Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Street Sweeping to Begin Downtown on Tuesday May 15th - Pay Attention to Signs

If it's to be done right, we can't have our cars in the way. Please watch for signs on this. I have asked why Oxford street isn't targeted on this map and why they would leave out Broad from Market to Silsbee (probably the dirtiest street in all of Downtown and the area a lot of outsiders drive through to get their first impression of Lynn).

For more info, see today's story in the Lynn Item.


They are including Oxford Street and Broad street all the way to Newhall. The Item messed up the map a bit.

Odd Numbered sides of the streets on Monday/Wed/Friday
Even Numbered Side of Streets on Tues/Thurs/ Saturday


  1. There is still no signage in Central Square, itself. They will have to put up signs, which I think are eventually coming, before they enforce anything. (or, should put up signs first..)

  2. They should call it Wallet Sweeping begin Downtown Lynn

  3. I got a ticket thursday morning and didn't see any signs till thursday afternoon. I went for a hearing and the director there said that the put them a month in advance. I park there every day and didn't see signs till 5/17/12. City of Lynn is full of liars


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