Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Voice

Last night I was at the presentation of the LPS art show at LynnArts. At that show, a representative from the MCC was in the audience. He looked at the Charlie Brown set behind him and remarked that funding the arts is sometimes like Charlie Brown trying to kick a football. One thing is for certain though, we do keep trying. With every try we get closer and closer to actually punting the damn thing.

In the Globe North today, you will find an article about the artist lofts being built by the EDIC. You remember Zee Mah and the adventures of 33 Central right? Well if not, let me remind you by pointing you to the many articles here. The same timeframe where Jim Cowdell and the EDIC board stepped up in a big way and said let's do something about this.

It is amazing how far we've come in from then to now. We are now designated as one of the state's first Arts and Cultural Districts.  It didn't take any one organization or one individual, it took us all. If anything has been proven, it's that we all have a voice and I would say we're being listened to in a big way.

There was another thing said at that meeting last night. It was one word, "Momentum." I'd say a truer word has never been spoken. Let the naysayers play on, let the jealousy rage, we know and can see what's happening. Hell... we're making it happen ourselves. Keep yelling. Keep digging. It's happening.



  1. It is all good Corey, keep up the good work, but we must also be realistic.......we are looking ata few lofts being built.  we need more........they talk a good story but nothing ever gets done....look at the waterfront.  Look a little to the west and check out the huge development going on just off route 95 in Lynnfirl

  2. Momentum is far from success. I'm right there with ya. Regardless, Every time Lucy puts that football down, I'm gonna try and punt it.


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