Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hold the Mayo...

Accountable.... This fall we have an opportunity. On the 11th, Mayo will go before City Council for a great reason. They are taking one of their slums and improving it. Woohoo! This is good, more than good. The section along Broad Street and an old dilapitated building behind it will see improvements and another section of Broad Street facade will look better. Hurrah!

So now, where is the opportunity? Well... When the sprinkler systems in Keith building were the wrong rating for the attic, who should have caught that?  When electrical wiring is so beyond dangerous an electrician will not go into your attic, who should catch that? When temporary fixes to plumbing in basements are used to the point where there is almost a major flood, who should catch that? When an occupancy permit is given on a building on Munroe Street with an unfinished ceiling (not Mayo's), who should have caught that? 

So, I have an idea that might help. Whomever is responsible should actually go to this project once or twice. Like, actually go inside.  It seems you forgot to do this in 2004-2006, but that is ok, it's a different time now. After all, now you have us watching.  We promise to help as much as we can.

Forget that everyone in City Hall is friends with John McGrail. "He's a great guy." "He's my friend." Yada yada. You all never lived in one of his company's buildings. When you have, then you get to make us forget how his company made our first few years here a living hell. It's all documented, yet still no one ever seems to side with the residents. The ones who are still here and the ones who gave up on Mayo and left. 

So, forget that you didn't find all of those problems with all the existing lofts in Downtown. You're lucky I stopped my list. I didn't even mention the cabinets falling off the walls in every 5th floor unit of one of Mayo's buildings. That one I'll let slide. How were you to know they used 1 1/4" screws not into studs?

You could ask a few questions. You could hold them to local ordinances, even laws. You could, dare I say, hold them to building code. You could, but will you? That's the opportunity. It's all in what City Hall does with it.  If our goal is to change the perception of Lynn in the public eye, than perhaps we start with making sure people have a great first experience when they come to live in one of her Downtown buildings.

But that's just me, what do you think?



  1. Funny but so true on all accounts.  I could add some Mayo mess-ups but I think you covered the bases.  I want to move forward and improve the downtown.  I'm not a fan of them being rentals instead of Condo's as I feel that homeowners tend to be more invested in their community.  But I also understand thats not what the market is dictating right now.

    I sincerely hope that both parties have seen the errors of their past ways and that things go smoothly, but I'll believe it when I see it.  As long as everything is on the up and up and by the books I support the plans/development but like you I'm cautiously optimistic.

  2.  Renters would be better champions of the community and might even stick around a while, if they liked their landlords. Since many have a bad time in Mayo buildings, it reflects on how they think of the area. I think it's at least partially why DTLna ran into difficulty getting people from Mt Vernon and Washington Streets involved.

    I'm not opposed at all to market rate rental, as long as they're quality rentals that are managed well. Our issue in DTL, is that Mayo or otherwise, they're not managed well (the few we rent out individually, aside).

  3. Just catching on to your theme of code enforcement here. I won't point any fingers. I'll let you be the judge. We've been having trouble with Pizza Lovers trash disposal, so much so that I was notified by a city official that Inspectional Services would be paying them a surprise visit on a particular day. The night before I observed the owner of Pizza Lovers frantically cleaning in back of his restaurant. I wonder what suddenly made him get religion? Later it was confided in me that someone tipped him off. No names were named but it was hinted that I should know who it was. To this day though, I can't figure it out. I would have to assume that this kind of thing goes on all the time.

  4. so which buildings? any pictures? do you mean in the area across from Champions sports bar? where that new animal hospital is? thanks for the info!

  5.  Yes as well as a building behind that we can't see from Broad.

  6. Yes further up on though.  There is a Mayo rental sign on the facade.  It's the group of bldgs that house the European market and some vacant storefronts.  The building behind is viewable from Silsbe.

  7. so across from the roast beef place?  across from A1 Pizzeria kinda sorta??  

  8. yes to the left of the Medical office.  The building behind is boarded up with red 'X's on it.

  9. I agree with this assessment. Some of the most active people I know in this city are in fact renters and are as much invested in the city of Lynn as any homeowner (sometimes more so). Unless by 'invested' you mean in terms of property tax directly paid?

    I find that many renters in Lynn are long time residents of the city so the belief that all renters are transient members of the community is not always true. Renters can and often do contribute as much to a community as a homeowner.


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