Friday, September 28, 2012

Haunted High Rock Tower on October 6th!

Arts After Hours and LynnArts are hosting two haunted experiences this October. The first is on October 6th as the cast and crew of Evil Dead, the Musical take over High Rock Tower. It will be scary and they're not recommending this for the real little ones. The haunted tower portion will go from 6-9PM. They will be serving wine and beer at the tower and trying to scare the living daylights out of you. At 9PM on October 6th, Arts After Hours is hosting an After-party for the Haunted House from 9-12 midnight. There will be a preview of songs from the show, a live DJ, and lots of beer and wine to go around. FACEBOOK EVENT

On October 25th, LynnArts will have it's annual Central Scare event. It's an awesome time and attracts over 2,000 visitors every year. It includes a backstage tour of Evil Dead, the Musical - but - something has gone horribly wrong inside the Black Box. The demons have taken over the audience and you might find yourself helping ash to rid LynnArts of these evil Candarian Demons. Talk about stage fright!!!!  There is a performance of Evil Dead on October 25th starting immediately following the Haunted House. Going to be a great night!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Visionspace - North Shore Show opening October 5th

Centerboard is pleased to announce the next gallery show opening for the agency’s creative placemaking hub visionspace. On Friday, October 5th a Group Showing of North Shore artists will be celebrated with an opening night party at the space, located at 16 City Hall Square from 7-10pm. The event is free and open to the public. The agency encourages residents of Lynn to come down and enjoy a night of refreshments, music and of course, outstanding art.

Artists include:
Margaurita Spear
Andrew Houle
Siobhan McDonald
LL Milton
Susan Erony
Michael Crockett

“We are always trying to attract people to come into the downtown area,” says Special Projects Coordinator Carla Scheri. “There are a lot of positive things happening in the city and I think people will be pleasantly surprised by the entertainment value of the event and the quality of the artwork.”

This is the second opening for the gallery and the space is booked up with shows straight through the upcoming holiday season. To learn more about Centerboard’s wide array of programs, interested residents can visit

visionspace is the new wave of Lynn. A place where imagination, innovation and enterprise come together. A place for cultivating new ideas. A place for dreaming big. A place for everyone.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Lynn Auditorium this weekend!

this weekdn

 Get your tickets to these and other great shows at...
by calling
or in our box office at Lynn City Hall
3 City Hall Square Lynn, MA 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Wow. Did you see Downtown Lynn on Thursday Night

Sometimes we hit a perfect storm of activity and we get to see for a moment the Lynn we all know is on its way to becoming a reality. Last night was one of those nights. We had a pre-show dinner crowd flooding into all our downtown restaurants from 5-7. In Central Square a 5K race went from the Clock to Red Rock Park and back. An after-party kept the racers in downtown for a bit longer and then as that let out and the dinner crowd flooded in to the auditorium, the racers re-filled those restaurant seats. As the racers tired out, the Foreigner concert let out, and once again a new wave of business came to our downtown.

This is what it's all about. The more activity, the more economy. The more community, the more pride. We got a real glimpse on Thursday night. Now, how do we get more nights like that?

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Go Out Loud – A New LGBT Upstart With Great Ambitions

From Guest blogger and DTL resident, Kevin Sampson

As an active downtown Lynn resident and regular reader of, I was honored when Corey asked me to contribute a guest post. It just seemed like the perfect timing given the recent developments happening with my professional endeavors.

Over the past several years, I have been blessed to meet many business owners, community organizers and LGBT supporters. As we have continued the quest for equality, as well as ways to develop and improve our local economy, an opportunity to grow a brand emerged when I partnered with a few other organizers in Salem to create Out Nights throughout the region. Our brand doesn’t promote the typical cliché of gay stereotypes; instead, it promotes opportunities for the LGBT community to participate in fun, engaging events without any sexual pretense. I’m proud to announce the birth of Go Out Loud, as we celebrate our recent incorporation.

Go Out Loud has already been a terrific success brining our population together and having a strong positive economic impact on local Lynn businesses. Recently, we held an event at The Blue Ox where we had initially promised the restaurateurs a group of 40 people. To everyone’s amazement, over 80 people showed up and shared an amazing meal with great guests.

In fact, The Blue Ox marveled our skills, stating:

“From all at of The Blue Ox, we would like to thank you for coordinating with us on your recent Go Out Loud event at our restaurant. Many of the Go Out Loud attendees were excited about our offerings and we are confident that we have earned a place in the hearts (and stomachs) of a new clientele. The buzz of the community certainly spoke well of Go Out Loud beforehand, but after having worked with you, The Blue Ox would be happy to host another event at our establishment soon.

That same evening, we also organized a follow up event at Cirque @47 Central, which helped us ready our upcoming event, ‘Go Go Out Loud’, a disco themed event on Friday September 14th where the best dressed party goer can win a prize package. Combine all the above success in Lynn with our presence in other communities and you can see why we have already held over a dozen events that have gained more attendance and awareness as Go Out Loud grows.

Naturally, I wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for the support of people like Corey who help contribute to the LGBT community with his great blog here at I look forward to contributing on here, not just to promote Go Out Loud (though I do hope you participate in our events!), but also to contribute to our mutual cause in general. Make no mistake, we are a growing brand, but we rely on readers like you and your continued support. Together we can make great things happen so stay tuned for more great events!
To learn more about Go Out Loud and stay up to date on local events please follow us on Facebook:

Kevin Sampson
Chief Operating Officer
Go Out Loud

Friday, September 7, 2012

Bernie's Place - WOW!

You may have noticed the new signs across from the Hess gas station that say Bernie's Place. This is an area of Downtown this is soon to see a lot of revitalized life as D'Amici's moves their baking operations over to this same square in the coming months. Bernie's took Billy's and added a bit of Latin flare and cleaned up the place a LOT! It looks great inside and very clean. The food is all cooked fresh in front of you and they have both traditional Mexican and American menu options. As a matter of fact even the TVs had one tuned to American soaps and one tuned to Telemundo. The owners were even speaking English and Spanish interchangably. It's like it's in their DNA to want to bring these two groups together. How I got all this from ordering a buritto I don't know, but I like it. That tells me that this owner gets the makeup of our Downtown and has a good shot at success as a result.

So let's get to the food. Holy wowsers. If you're going to put a buritto in the land of Casa Molina and Tacos Lupita, you better make a damn good buritto, right? Well, no fear there, this was quite the unique and delicious treat. I ordered the chicken buritto which was cooked fresh for my order and they added some delightful veggies and tasty rice. I think I got some celery which was AWESOME! Just the right blend of everything and they didn't go overboard on the cilantro. The burrito comes with chips that are laced with some sort of awesomeness that I can't describe. On the side, is a delicious sweet sauce with a slight kick. The whole thing together probably blew out my weight watchers points for the entire day, but it was worth it.

Check out Bernie's Place the next time you're looking for lunch in Lynn. It's another winner.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

LCC Open Meeting on September 20th at LynnArts

The Lynn Cultural Council and Chairman, David Parsons invite those interested in learning more about applying for grants from the Massachusetts Cultural Council

Thursday, September 20, 2012
7-9 PM @ LynnArts
25 Exchange St. Lynn, MA 01901

If you are, or interested in, applying for a grant attend this meeting to receive more information, and better understand the criteria of the process.

The LCC Program is the most extensive system of its kind in the nation to help maintain arts, sciences and humanities.  This is done by providing grants and/or programming to support culture in every Massachusetts City and Town.  To learn more about the MCC and the LCC program please, visit

Don't miss this opportunity!  Calling all local Lynn artists! This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about how you can finally expand your gallery project; instruct that workshop you think everyone would benefit from; put on that play you wrote; teach a salsa class in the Lynn community; or even host a series of concerts for your City! You can do it, and the LCC is there for you to get the ball rolling!

Deadline for applying for a grant is October 15, 2012. Come with questions and get the answers you need.

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