Friday, September 7, 2012

Bernie's Place - WOW!

You may have noticed the new signs across from the Hess gas station that say Bernie's Place. This is an area of Downtown this is soon to see a lot of revitalized life as D'Amici's moves their baking operations over to this same square in the coming months. Bernie's took Billy's and added a bit of Latin flare and cleaned up the place a LOT! It looks great inside and very clean. The food is all cooked fresh in front of you and they have both traditional Mexican and American menu options. As a matter of fact even the TVs had one tuned to American soaps and one tuned to Telemundo. The owners were even speaking English and Spanish interchangably. It's like it's in their DNA to want to bring these two groups together. How I got all this from ordering a buritto I don't know, but I like it. That tells me that this owner gets the makeup of our Downtown and has a good shot at success as a result.

So let's get to the food. Holy wowsers. If you're going to put a buritto in the land of Casa Molina and Tacos Lupita, you better make a damn good buritto, right? Well, no fear there, this was quite the unique and delicious treat. I ordered the chicken buritto which was cooked fresh for my order and they added some delightful veggies and tasty rice. I think I got some celery which was AWESOME! Just the right blend of everything and they didn't go overboard on the cilantro. The burrito comes with chips that are laced with some sort of awesomeness that I can't describe. On the side, is a delicious sweet sauce with a slight kick. The whole thing together probably blew out my weight watchers points for the entire day, but it was worth it.

Check out Bernie's Place the next time you're looking for lunch in Lynn. It's another winner.



  1. Yes!! I totally agree with Corey. My husband and I were there the other night and we really liked the place, the new owners have done a great job with it. Nice atmosphere is nice, staff are very friendly. The place is clean, the food is fresh, and I really like the fact that they cook it right in front of you. I had one of their chicken quesadillas which was awesome and my husband had a Bernie's burger which I couldn't resist to try and blew me away, it has a delicious sauce that makes the burger completely different than anything I've tried. Next time you want some delicious, clean, fresh food in great timing, stop by Bernie's Place. This place definitely has faithful customers in us... tonight is tacos and pupusas night for us :)


  3. Friendly service and everything is made fresh to order (I saw them make Alfredo pasta!). I'll be coming back for sure!


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