Saturday, September 8, 2012

Go Out Loud – A New LGBT Upstart With Great Ambitions

From Guest blogger and DTL resident, Kevin Sampson

As an active downtown Lynn resident and regular reader of, I was honored when Corey asked me to contribute a guest post. It just seemed like the perfect timing given the recent developments happening with my professional endeavors.

Over the past several years, I have been blessed to meet many business owners, community organizers and LGBT supporters. As we have continued the quest for equality, as well as ways to develop and improve our local economy, an opportunity to grow a brand emerged when I partnered with a few other organizers in Salem to create Out Nights throughout the region. Our brand doesn’t promote the typical cliché of gay stereotypes; instead, it promotes opportunities for the LGBT community to participate in fun, engaging events without any sexual pretense. I’m proud to announce the birth of Go Out Loud, as we celebrate our recent incorporation.

Go Out Loud has already been a terrific success brining our population together and having a strong positive economic impact on local Lynn businesses. Recently, we held an event at The Blue Ox where we had initially promised the restaurateurs a group of 40 people. To everyone’s amazement, over 80 people showed up and shared an amazing meal with great guests.

In fact, The Blue Ox marveled our skills, stating:

“From all at of The Blue Ox, we would like to thank you for coordinating with us on your recent Go Out Loud event at our restaurant. Many of the Go Out Loud attendees were excited about our offerings and we are confident that we have earned a place in the hearts (and stomachs) of a new clientele. The buzz of the community certainly spoke well of Go Out Loud beforehand, but after having worked with you, The Blue Ox would be happy to host another event at our establishment soon.

That same evening, we also organized a follow up event at Cirque @47 Central, which helped us ready our upcoming event, ‘Go Go Out Loud’, a disco themed event on Friday September 14th where the best dressed party goer can win a prize package. Combine all the above success in Lynn with our presence in other communities and you can see why we have already held over a dozen events that have gained more attendance and awareness as Go Out Loud grows.

Naturally, I wouldn’t be in this position if it weren’t for the support of people like Corey who help contribute to the LGBT community with his great blog here at I look forward to contributing on here, not just to promote Go Out Loud (though I do hope you participate in our events!), but also to contribute to our mutual cause in general. Make no mistake, we are a growing brand, but we rely on readers like you and your continued support. Together we can make great things happen so stay tuned for more great events!
To learn more about Go Out Loud and stay up to date on local events please follow us on Facebook:

Kevin Sampson
Chief Operating Officer
Go Out Loud

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