Friday, September 28, 2012

Haunted High Rock Tower on October 6th!

Arts After Hours and LynnArts are hosting two haunted experiences this October. The first is on October 6th as the cast and crew of Evil Dead, the Musical take over High Rock Tower. It will be scary and they're not recommending this for the real little ones. The haunted tower portion will go from 6-9PM. They will be serving wine and beer at the tower and trying to scare the living daylights out of you. At 9PM on October 6th, Arts After Hours is hosting an After-party for the Haunted House from 9-12 midnight. There will be a preview of songs from the show, a live DJ, and lots of beer and wine to go around. FACEBOOK EVENT

On October 25th, LynnArts will have it's annual Central Scare event. It's an awesome time and attracts over 2,000 visitors every year. It includes a backstage tour of Evil Dead, the Musical - but - something has gone horribly wrong inside the Black Box. The demons have taken over the audience and you might find yourself helping ash to rid LynnArts of these evil Candarian Demons. Talk about stage fright!!!!  There is a performance of Evil Dead on October 25th starting immediately following the Haunted House. Going to be a great night!

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