Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Roger Hodgson of Supertramp Hits Lynn Auditorium on Nov 4th

Chameleon Launches Pop ups to Coincide with Auditorium Nights

Getting on board with the recent phenomenon of Pop Up events that have occurred across the country, Lynn-based nonprofit Centerboard has hosted a variety of Pop Ups from sit down dinners to casual after work wine nights complete with the famous mash potato bar. The agency’s latest venture, called Chameleon Pop Ups take place on nights when there are shows at The Lynn Auditorium. These events have the agency’s catering company, Wicked Tasty, setting up a sausage stand right in their parking lot, which is located across the street from the auditorium. “It’s a quick, easy and affordable way for patrons of the shows to grab a bite before heading in” says Centerboard’s Arts & Culture coordinator Kelly Wall. 

For the agency, these Pop Ups serve three main purposes. The first is to contribute to the growing vibrant art scene in Lynn by providing a creative and fun night out. The second is to offer job readiness training to the Wicked Tasty staff that works on a rotating schedule, covering all positions involved in staging an event. The young staffers are paid for their time and they work with a case manager from the United Way’s Financial Stability Center to learn about budgeting and the importance of saving. The final purpose of the Pop Ups involves community engagement. “By attracting new people to each event we are able to continually inform the community of our mission to revitalize Lynn. We’ve also had success in meeting people who are interested in volunteering to help the community”, continues Wall.

The next two Chameleon Pop Up sausage stands are as follows: 

Sunday November 4th 5:00-8:00pm before Roger Hodgson of Supertramp show. 
Friday November 16th 5:00-11:00pm before and after Get the Led Out. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

Stay Safe Lynn

The Mayor's Office is keeping everyone updated on the city website. Please check that out for any and all storm related issues. Lynnhappens is posting pictures if you have any, send along to them.

Mayor Kennedy has setup an Emergency Operations Call Center for residents to report street flooding, downed trees, power outages or any other non-emergency concerns: (781) 598-4000.

This line will be open for calls 24 hours a day until the storm subsides. Residents are reminded to call 911 for emergencies only.

The City of Lynn will have a shelter located at
Classical High School, 235 O’Callaghan Way.

Another resource for Lynn on Hurricane Sandy can be found at

Call 2-1-1 for non-emergency information statewide or check the MEMA website:

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Public Hearing Being Denied? Let's Do It Here!

I mean, what could possibly be wrong about talking about a Bond proposal openly in front of the public of Lynn? Let me try. Keep in mind, the ONLY thing they are trying to do is get this off the table so it can be talked about with the public. They are not debating the list, just debating whether we should have a public hearing for feedback. Someone needs to explain to me why the stalling? Here's the proposed list I could get from the reading at council (thank you If the council won't have a public hearing, let's have one here:

ORDERED that the City of Lynn authorize the issuance of a bond in the amount of 4 million dollars for capital improvements and repairs to municipal infrastructure.  

 Provided further that $500,000 shall be expended on a wave attenuator and capital improvements to Seaport Marina
provided further that $600,000 shall be expended on air conditioning in the Veterans Memorial Auditorium

provided further that $150,000 shall be expended on capital improvements to the Grand Army of the Republic

provided further that $590,000 shall be expended roof and turf replacement to Frasier Field
provided further that $20,000 be expended on a flag pole for City Hall

provided further that $350,000 shall be expended for City Hall Server and Fiber Optics improvements

 provided further that $250,000 be expended for City Hall front entrance steps
 provided further that $75,000 shall be expended for protective glass barriers for City Hall offices

provided further that $100,000 shall be expended for the construction of a bathroom facility at Lynn Woods entrance

 provided further that $225,000 shall be expended for the Lyn Commons bandstand rehabilitation

provided further that $75,000 shall be expended for the Lynn Commons fountain repairs

 provided further that $50,000 shall be expended for school repairs
 provided further that $75,000 shall be expended for field reconfiguration and improvements to Barry Park

provided further that $150,000 shall be expended for the Breed Park Courts
provided further that $50,000 shall be expended for Clark St. Playground  

provided further that $60,000 shall be expended for Cook St. Playground  

provided further that $60,000 shall be expended for Frey Park playground and courts

 provided further that $98,000 shall be expended for Gallagher Park playground and courts

 provided further that $50,000 shall be expended for Magnolia Park playground and courts 

 provided further that $400,000 shall be expended for capital improvements to McManus Field 

 provided further that $50,000 shall be expended for Sagamore St. Playground repairs

 and provided further that $22,000 shall be expended for Sheridan St. Playground repairs

Sound good? I think so too? It has so much of what we need to make this city successful.

So, why isn't our government ready to push this forward? Why hasn't the council sent this to Ways and Means (if that is what they're supposed to do) or other committees for discussion? Why isn't it taken off the table? Why has it been stalled and stalled and stalled since late this summer? I'm thinking there is a good answer, but until they admit that publicly, we'll have to rely on what they are saying on the videos.

Want to see how your council is handling this? Watch this video on

For now, let us discuss. Anyone for? Anyone against? Keep it civil and constructive or I will delete the comment.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Lynn Residents Encouraged to Participate in Survey to Help Shape City’s Future

United Way’s Community by Community initiative engages residents and local leaders to define shared action plan to move city forward

BOSTON – United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley has been working closely with Lynn residents and local leaders to help the community establish a shared vision and action plan to redefine the future of Lynn.  As part of the community process, United Way is inviting residents, neighbors, and anyone with a stake in Lynn’s future to participate in a survey to identify the top priorities and goals that will shape a shared strategy to move the city forward.

The survey follows a series of Community Conversations with over 250 local residents and is part of United Way’s Community by Community initiative.

Issues identified by residents as their top concerns include:
  • Improving the perception of the community
  • Education
  • Unemployment
  • Local leadership
  • Public safety
  • Available resources

The survey will help prioritize long term goals and inform the creation of a shared action plan that brings together residents and local stakeholders to create lasting change in the community.  The action plan is expected to be presented to the community in November. 

“This is the essence of Community by Community,” said Michael Durkin, President and CEO of United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley.  “There is no better illustration of community members taking charge and bettering their future than these residents, families, and young people.”

Residents, local leaders, and anyone with a stake in Lynn’s future is invited to participate in the survey:
Lynn Community by Community Survey

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Oxford Street is Taking Too Long

First of all, I got to hand it to the Mayor's office, Office of Community Development, and two of our best City Councilor's Dan Cahill and Brendan Crighton for getting right back to me when I asked the simple question, "Do we expect Oxford Street to be done in our lifetime?"  I was encouraged to hear the answer was yes. I was also encouraged at how much they were on top of things, fighting for the businesses on Oxford and the residents of the Sherry lofts.  I did not get a response from the DPW.

For those of you who aren't aware of the entire situation, they began ripping up the street in 2nd week of September. About a day or two in, they discovered railroad tracks (which they ripped out that day) and clay which was impossible to deal with in a timely fashion. IN addition to the first railroad tracks, they found more at the intersection to Market which are still firmly embedded in the ground as of today. They called in experts to discuss how best to proceed and apparently what they needed to complete the project was on backorder. Yesterday you may have seen them laying down this fabric in the roadbed. This apparently will ensure that the street remains in good condition for a good amount of time. Well... all this took about 3 weeks and through a few rain storms, Oxford Street became a roller coaster ride at the end as you dumped into Market street. I will be relieved when one of our most important streets is back to normal.

I have to believe this impacted the Ox and even more so Casa Antigua and other shops along Oxford and the business complex on Munroe that uses Oxford as its primary parking lot. It's caused major congestion on Andrew and even in Central Square as cars try to figure out how to get around the one way maze of Downtown Lynn without the use of Oxford.

My question to city hall was how can we take so much time to fix this problem as we are fining the Athanas family for their BS. We can't and regardless of the fact the work is back underway as of yesterday, it took too long. 

On the bright side (pardon the pun), Jamie Marsh tells me Oxford will be equipped with that fancy old fashioned lighting you see in other areas of Downtown Lynn. Very nice!

Please go to Casa Antigua and Blue Ox this week and next and show your support of their great product.


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