Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Chameleon Launches Pop ups to Coincide with Auditorium Nights

Getting on board with the recent phenomenon of Pop Up events that have occurred across the country, Lynn-based nonprofit Centerboard has hosted a variety of Pop Ups from sit down dinners to casual after work wine nights complete with the famous mash potato bar. The agency’s latest venture, called Chameleon Pop Ups take place on nights when there are shows at The Lynn Auditorium. These events have the agency’s catering company, Wicked Tasty, setting up a sausage stand right in their parking lot, which is located across the street from the auditorium. “It’s a quick, easy and affordable way for patrons of the shows to grab a bite before heading in” says Centerboard’s Arts & Culture coordinator Kelly Wall. 

For the agency, these Pop Ups serve three main purposes. The first is to contribute to the growing vibrant art scene in Lynn by providing a creative and fun night out. The second is to offer job readiness training to the Wicked Tasty staff that works on a rotating schedule, covering all positions involved in staging an event. The young staffers are paid for their time and they work with a case manager from the United Way’s Financial Stability Center to learn about budgeting and the importance of saving. The final purpose of the Pop Ups involves community engagement. “By attracting new people to each event we are able to continually inform the community of our mission to revitalize Lynn. We’ve also had success in meeting people who are interested in volunteering to help the community”, continues Wall.

The next two Chameleon Pop Up sausage stands are as follows: 

Sunday November 4th 5:00-8:00pm before Roger Hodgson of Supertramp show. 
Friday November 16th 5:00-11:00pm before and after Get the Led Out. 

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