Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Groundhog Day - City Council Discusses Whether or Not to Involve the Public.

Screw Snoooki and The Situation, we got the Lynn City Council! 

 Watch THIS! New business. 4 minutes in. Motion to remove from the table the motion to have a public hearing on a $4M bond to improve many important and needed issues in our city.

 Vote just to remove from the table the motion to involve the public in a discussion was voted NO by Lozzi and Trahant.

2nd vote, just to set down for a public hearing on Dec 18th.

Motion by Darren Cyr to add 2.2M to the bond and put it on a ballot next year.

After much discussion it became clear this was not the time to do this and Darren did the right thing after being asked if he'd like to withdraw his motion. Even after being pushed by Trahant to reconsider, he did the right thing. (Billy, you just did my parent's and sister in laws roof and I was really starting to like you. What are you doing?)

Darren takes motion off table with this statement: 
"If I do this it will be the first time anyone has compromised on this whole thing and I will remove my motion. I am a little upset about it but I'll do it and I guarantee you I will make that motion again at the next meeting." - Darren Cyr

Now, motion to set down for public hearing. Cyr says, "For the sake of ending the madness tonight, I'll go along with this." after hearing that he can just amend it at the next meeting.

The vote

Those in favor of public hearing:
Barton yes - cahill yes - capano yes - colluci yes - crighton yes - ford yes - lozzi yes - net yes  - phelan yes

Those not in favor of talking about this with the public:
cyr no  - trahant no

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