Thursday, December 6, 2012

KISS - Keep it Streamlined, Silly

See... I told you I was going to be nicer with my writing.  To be honest, I don't know that the lack of city planner or streamlined permitting is stupidity. I think people are thinking about this and working towards better solutions in Lynn City Hall. I know the Chamber has been on this like a hawk. I hope progress is being made.

The City of Boston gets it. Streamlined permitting and licensing is a key to sustained economic growth. Make it difficult to do business with City Hall and business will bring the proposal to another city. Period.

The City of Boston just announced this. City Hall to go Food Truck. Permits, Licenses, Voter Reg, BPL cards, e-cards, gift cards, and more... WOW! 

I'm not saying we need a permit food truck, but it would be nice to not hear from every business owner in Lynn, and every politician that is helping a developer or business owner make progress, that permitting and licensing is a nightmare. That the rules are so vague and politicians, community groups, and residents are able to stall needed progress because they are loud. It just shouldn't be that way.  There should be clear rules, clear policy, clear process. A workflow of how to get it done and less exceptions to a stated strategy allowed.

Dukakis Center and the League of Cities did a study on Lynn and came to the same conclusion. The Metroploitan Area Planning Council is now working on a grant in Lynn and have identified a lot of issues with our land use and no clear plan (or city planner) in place to make sure the right things happen.

I recently watched this video on "placemaking." It's the urban planning term of the year. The idea of creating place, not just a building or a park, but a place people move in and out of and want to inhabit.  Interesting thoughts for a Thursday.

Kudos to Mayor Menino and Boston City Hall for being an example to urban areas everywhere.


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