Monday, December 3, 2012

Tis the season

Nothing excites me more than city politics. I think that has been obvious throughout the life of this blog.  I've been purposefully quiet on that front for months now as life in Lynn has shifted to getting more done for the community and the economy of Lynn. Running a non profit and railing about the establishment doesn't go together. So what's in store over the next six months.

1. You can no doubt expect every player in the race for Mayor to be very active and engaged. Mayor Judith Flanagan Kennedy, rumored contender Tim Phelan, and you have to imagine one or two others will join this fray. Possibly someone from the massive young democrat contingent? Perhaps it's time for Walsh or McGee to have a go? Whatever happens, it's going to be another epic fight for the air conditioned office.

2. Speaking of air conditioning, you can rest assured a plan and the funds will exist in the next six months to finally air condition the Lynn Auditorium. Now very well understood as a huge source of economic benefit for the downtown, we have to have more nights and it must continue throughout the summer.  Pay attention to the public hearing on December 18th on the $4M bond.

3. City council shakeup is a sure bet. If Phelan runs for Mayor(let's just say that's a given), a council at large seat will be open.  Ward 5 will be vacant due to Brendan Crighton's recent move out of the ward. Ron Mendes has announced a run against Darren Cyr and there is rumored challenger in Ward One.

4. All signs point to a stronger business community downtown as D'amici's makes a huge investment on the corner lot on Liberty. Adding to the successful Latino Business Association on the same block, the recent opening of Bernie's and a new parking commission looking at the Andrew Street lot and others  that area will finally start to improve and better connect the City Hall and Central Square revitalization efforts.

5. Marketing has already taken a turn for the better. While Chronicle may not have depicted everyone's Lynn, it depicted a good Slice of Lynn, and that was worth more than we can imagine. Next year we will see results of a large grant to brand the Arts and Cultural District. A strategy will be developed and initial steps taken in the next six months.

A lot of work and a lot of politics ahead. I plan to take more of this approach to my writing in the coming months. I want to do more to keep you informed, tell you how I feel (this is still my blog) about issues (not people), and keep moving forward. I am actually shocked that the readerships hasn't suffered at all in the recent months despite a low level of new posts. Thanks for the loyalty. I hope to give you more to chew on in the coming weeks.

In the meantime come to the tree lightings. Dec 4th @ city hall or Dec 6th @ central square. Check for complete schedule.  Buy tickets to Kenny Rogers at Lynn Auditorium, come have dinner at the many restaurants Downtown, come to a holiday fundraiser (might I suggest December 8 HolidayXS to benefit Arts After Hours) and have a safe and happy Month of Holiday Parties.



  1. Running a non profit and railing about the establishment doesn't go together.--brilliant.

  2.  Publicly, I can't risk AAH's 501(c)(3) so that this blog can be funnier to read.

    I will rail and rail for what I believe in for Downtown Lynn, the political angle will not be the approach anymore.

  3. you want a plus for Downtown.....Stadium Sports Bar is looking at Lynn...would like to open in 2013. The one in Waltham is very successful.......another piece to the downtown Puzzle.

  4. Agreed if its not the sae bullshit we got when we bought Mayo condos. You seem to be very vested in this. Get us a meeting with them. We need to be assured its not the same horrifying experience as purchasing from them has been.

  5. it is not my job to get a meeting with them. we have people who work for the city that can do that.  my only interest here is for the improvement of DTL.  just stating facts here.  the one in Waltham is very successful.  but then agian also in Waltham 3 Major developments are going on at this current time.  helping to improve an already great city........whats going on in Lynn....they are talking about things....tired of the someting!  Stadium will be a  plus for DTL.

  6. We ha e neighborhood meetings with many developments. I look forward to one with them when and if they get serious about coming here. People are working hard. It's not all talk but I understand the frustration believe me.

  7. not here to argue Corey....I think everything you have done is great...more and more people are discovering and talking about DTL....just I think I nice sports bar would be a welcome addition, and I have been to the one in Waltham, and yes to me this will be a plus.

  8. I just wish people would try and see the side of Mayo condo owners. Everyone is too fast to ignore us on this. You're not the only one. A sports bar that has good service, good food, and is well attended would absolutely be welcome. One owned and run by the devil that burned us? It's harder to be excited.


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