Wednesday, December 5, 2012

You Can't Get There from Here...

Without Major Tolls and Expensive Train Rides (that keep getting more expensive)

I expect this to be the major theme of today's discussion with the Department of Transportation. Add to that our inability to pave a road in less than a month and you have quite a list of transportation challenges in the city of Lynn. Recent wins from certain government money have improved Lynnfield Street and now Wyoma Square. Both intersections sorely needed help.  We have made extreme advances on the Ferry Project for the Waterfront due to the leadership of McGee's office, the EDIC, and many, many others. What else do you need to get in and out of Lynn?

If we talk about the Blue Line again, what is the real issue and what are the real economic impacts to having a system that comes through Lynn and terminates in Salem. After a recent trip to Chicago, where for $2.25 I went from the city center out on the CTA Blue Line out about 25 miles to O'Hare airport past countless neighborhoods going through various stages of revitalization, it makes me wonder why our T is so lacking.

What are your transportation issues?

Talk with State Leaders and the Department of Transportation tonight at City Hall.

December 5, 2012 6-8 PM
Lynn City Hall
City Council Chambers, Floor 4
3 City Hall Square
Lynn, Massachusetts 01901

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