Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Mayor of Lynn has a Special Announcement

Be at the Franco-American tonight at 7PM for what is being played up in the press as a special announcement connected to Judy Flanagan Kennedy's campaign for re-election. As you know, this blog has been known to be painted pink (Judy's Campaign Colors) in the past.

Given no one else has pulled papers for the Mayoral race, it's hard to not see 4 more years.

It's been a strong 4 years with progress on Downtown Development, an extreme focus on streamlining doing business with the city, streamlined permitting, a renewed focus on zoning, increased police and fire presence, the return of Community Liason Officers, more focus on grant proposals throughout the city of Lynn, a commitment to celebrating diversity in our city, and an incredible dedication to the Arts and Culture movement throughout the city from Walnut Street Cafe to Western Ave's Lydia Pinkham, to Central Square to the Auditorium which will now have 365 days a year potential for economic impact due to the ongoing air conditioning installation.

Mayor Kennedy's focus has led to many facets of this city getting positive press for the first time in a long time. Boston Globe, Chronicle, Viewpoints, etc. We are on the map and people are starting to talk about Lynn with a smile on their face.

Come have fun with all of us at the Franco-American to hear what Mayor Kennedy has to share with this great city.

See you there.  RSVP on Facebook.

535 Western Ave Lynn, MA

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