Wednesday, May 1, 2013

This Friday at Lynn Auditorium

This Friday at Lynn Auditorium, the Dirty Floorboards are opening with Gracie Curran and the High Falutin' Band for Roomful of Blues. It's a very exciting night of music in Lynn and is a benefit concert for Citizens for Adequate Housing (CAH).

People have heard me talk about CAH in the past as I've been a board member, have run their auction in years past, and grew up on the street where my neighbor, Mary Jane Lee (founder of CAH), saw first hand in another neighbor, the realities of homelessness hit hard. We've all either been or have known a single parent or family that had to go home to live with parents in hard financial times. Imagine when that family isn't there. Or worse, imagine if that spouse or parent would place them in a horrifyingly abusive situation.

With the realities of government budgets these days more and more families are finding themselves in motels or worse.

In Lynn we certainly understand these realities and I'm one that constantly harps on the fact that Downtown has more than its fair share of the burden for Massachusetts. Even with that truth, we learned that Lynn is still pretty low on overall percentage of affordable housing stock. We need organizations like Citizens for Adequate Housing that are focused on more affordable housing in the suburbs. Getting the burden spread out across more North Shore towns and pushing the cause forward to end homelessness everywhere.

Join me in supporting CAH on Friday night at the Lynn Auditorium. Tickets are around $40 but know that it's going to support a very good cause and a cause I care deeply about. See you there.

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