Sunday, September 15, 2013

VOTE ON TUESDAY - Seth, Marshall

Tuesday is an important day for Lynn and for Downtown for two reasons.

1. One of the three Ward 5 candidates will be eliminated

2. A vote for Marshall Middle School is an important step in improving our schools and keeping new Downtown residents in the city and attracting new families.

For number one, I am recommending you take a strong look and give your vote to Seth Albaum. Seth has already been doing the job. When the council restricted LynnCam from trying to provide meetings to the public, Seth personally went in recorded all meetings and posted them to his now extremely popular website,  When it looked like we had a ton of new residents Downtown and nothing to do, Seth jumped in and helped found Arts After Hours, became a member of LynnArts board, helped form the Downtown Lynn Cultural District, DJ'd at area restaurants, founded a Neighborhood Association for Downtown. Seth rallied around getting new cameras installed at the MBTA stations in Central Square and brought residents together with MBTA and Lynn Police for a frank and honest discussion about the crime there. Seth rallied around the trash problem downtown and got new barrels installed with beautiful visuals on them of High Rock Tower and other Lynn landmarks, all sponsored by Lynn businesses. Seth understands community building and he completely understands the dynamics of our council and will be able to jump right in to work.  Seth is here, he is already your Ward 5 Councilor. Let's just make it permanent.

Here are some links for those who haven't read up on the candidates:

Lynn Item Profile on Ward 5 Candidates

Lynn Journal Profile on Ward 5 Candidates

Debate between Ward 5 Candidates

For Number 2, I am sick of seeing young families move in to Downtown lofts and then leave for a city that isn't close to the bottom when it comes to schools in the overall rankings for Massachusetts. For those of us who look into these things, we know that you can get a great education in Lynn.  We need to prove to these families they can stay here and be able to attract new families to Lynn. A big statement would be to start improving our physical structures and providing teachers and administrators with the tools they need to succeed. A vote for Marshall is a vote to progress the pipeline and move on to the next school. Pickering, Tracy, etc. are all coming up next and a down vote would put all that in jeopardy. Vote for Marshall and let's get this done!

I ask that debate below, if it happens, be respectful and informative of your views and opinions and not derogatory in any way or it will be removed.  Please identify yourself in your comments so we can have an honest discussion.

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  1. Totally agree. I just added links to the article. Thanks for the comment.


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