Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Public Art

Love this! Please watch this video. It is the beginning of an even more beautiful and interesting Downtown.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Burning Back In

It's been a long time since I've taken to writing on this blog. So long that I'm sure most have stopped reading.  Every so often, I'm inspired to write but don't get around to it. I guess you could say I was burned out. A lot of people are in different ways. While I've decided to focus on the theatre at Arts After Hours, I've had to let other things slide.

Tonight, I decided to break the trend on the writing front. I won't write as often as I used to, but I will try and get some thoughts on here more often.

I just got in from a crazy day. I spent most of the day watching my dad. He is suffering from Alzheimer's and needs 24/7 coverage. When I got back from that, I met up with some DTL folk at Visionspace at Centerboard's HQ in City Hall Square. They had an all female artist gallery opening. The art was awesome, the beer was great, and the company was amazing. Sitting at the table with me were three downtowners. My wife and two of our friends. All three of them are now working on a benefit fashion design show to support our Alzheimer's team for my dad, Team Bill. We talked about my day and got a little sad but at the same time, I was overwhelmed at the support this crew of neighbors is bringing to this cause. It really is one of the special things about living here. This neighborhood is full of such amazing people willing to do so much with and for one another. The event is called a Catwalk to End Alzheimer's. Come and join us. The event is in Marblehead, but will have so much Lynn in it.

The Pizza Bake-off and Dr. Caligari film was also tonight in Central Square. It was so well attended, the music from the Dejas I heard was outstanding and the silent film, accompanied by live musicians from the Devil Music Ensemble, was incredibly unique. I was lucky enough to catch the end. Congrats to the Downtown Lynn Cultural District and DTLna for putting this together.

This was a night that changes the conversation. It's the kind of night you bounce from one amazing thing happening Downtown to another that really makes it start to click. I want to applaud the work of Carla Scheri at Centerboard and Emily Ruddock from DTLCD and the crew at DTLna for making this a night to be proud of in DTL.


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